“Freerunning is a way of expression by interacting with various obstacles and environment. Freerunners can create their own moves, flows and lines in different landscapes. It is all about becoming creative in an objective environment.”


In this area you will be able to develop and explore your skills in a controlled and safe environment. The sessions are structured and monitored by our staff members and provide a session warm up at the beginning of the session followed by free play.

All abilities and levels welcome, our crew members will do their best to guide and keep you safe during the session. We run sessions for 5year olds and up. But it’s not just for kids. We often have adult free runners in as well, perfecting their skills and flow.

The Skills Area has a 10 meters by 12 meters sprung floor which is great for doing flips, vaults and other acrobatics and circus manoeuvres. You can also use our foam Spotting Vault Blocks to set up an obstacle course for yourself to further develop your technique.

There is also a section of wooden vault boxes and a swing bar. These are excellent for practicing Free Running techniques and manoeuvres or doing a calisthenics workout. Just make sure you bring a clean indoor pair of trainers if you would like to use this area.

Finally we have a massive foam pit that holds 12,000 foam blocks and has a trapeze overhanging it. Next to it there is a Wall Running Trampoline set up as well. You can finish off your Skills Area session with few swings off the trapeze, and free fall into the foam pit.



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