Soft Play is here at Freedog Bristol!

Last year we built a 3 story high soft play centre with access off the cafe level.  So you can watch your little toddlers and ninjas while relaxing with a coffee on the balcony.

The Soft Play is open to for kids aged 2 – 10 years (must be less than 135cm).

At the moment we are restricting to these ages. So it’s not available to 0 – 1 year olds just now.

The Soft Play is unmanned, so it is for parents to ensure that their children are following the rules and playing safely.


We have to manage the capacity very carefully at this time so this session is no longer part of other sessions activities. Sessions are also for a specific time slot (see below).


Soft Play tickets are sold separately to other sessions in the centre.

See the prices page for more details.

How Long?

The slots are designed to go next to the Open Bounce sessions. That way those who have a child over and under 5 can entertain them both at the same time.

Make sure you book both sessions in advance before you turn up.

At the end of your allotted time slot you must leave the soft play so we can clean down ready for the next group. We ask that you don’t hang out in the cafe for the whole day to make room for the next group. But on quiet days this won’t be an issue. We hope to get back to a more relaxed time frame as soon as we can.

Book Now


As you will have heard Bristol is now in Tier 3.

Unfortunately this means we will have to close again until further notice.

If you have a booking with us we will be in touch before the end of the month to process your voucher / refund.

Merry Christmas and we hope to see you again soon!