Soft Play is coming to Freedog Bristol!

In the last 6 months we have been planning how to convert Freedog’s great facilities into a full family experience. The trouble with trampolining is that big and small bouncers do not mix well. For this reason we created the Toddler Bounce but if you are a family that has large and small kids this still does not help you, as they cannot go on at the same time.

If you have been in recently you will see a lot of work going on. We are building a Ninja Warrior course to go in with the trampolining which we are very excited about. But we are also building a brand new, 3 story high soft play centre! With access off the cafe level you will be able to watch your little toddlers and ninjas while relaxing with your friends on the balcony.

This will be coming in Autumn 2019. See you there!

Coming Soon…