For the full story see below, but please be aware that for May and June 2019 we have a reduced capacity and a few activities are being replaced.

Open bounce sessions are currently limited to the trampoline court, slam dunk area and one foam pit. The middle foam pit and dodge-ball has been pulled out to make way for a NINJA WARRIOR course. See below for all the changes coming over the summer.




The Freedog story is one of ups and downs (pun intended), they were one of the first trampoline parks in the UK and in their first year they flew with thousands of kids, and adults, coming down to get their fix of bouncing. But over the next couple of years the company declined and in the end fell into administration. This put a well loved local place for families to get together at risk along side some 80 jobs for mostly young locals. 

Enter our hero, Redpoint Bristol! Redpoint is a well established Indoor Climbing Wall based in an old cinema in Bedminster (30mins walk from freedog). They provide an amazing space for hardened climbers but focus on creating a community feel that is welcoming and professional. They have a huge wealth of knowledge in running kids programs from one-off parties in the “Crazy Climb” area to regular kids clubs where they turn little monkeys into strong coordinated climbing machines. 

Redpoint stepped in and bought freedog as they see this as an opportunity to invest in the amazing space and location, and to build on what the team there has created. So…… what are the plans in 2019. 


Redpoint are sticking firstly to what they do best which is climbing. So they have spent the winter designing a national standard bouldering facility that will go into an under-used area of the Freedog building (around 1000m2 of floor space). This will be named Flashpoint and will be connected to Redpoint with a single membership scheme and a complimentary kids program (see below). 


To re-vamp the trampoline court area they will be replacing some under used areas with a Ninja Warrior course. This will be accessible to all ages and be part of the normal entry price for “Open Bounce” along side the trampolines, slam dunk lanes and foam pit. 


Freedog currently offer a Toddler Bounce session specific to the little ones, as big kids and toddlers on trampolines don’t mix! But this means under 5s are restricted to these times. So they are going to build a huge multi-story soft play tower accessible from the cafe. This will truly make Freedog a place for the whole family!


The cafe has been getting a revamp over the last few months and they have brought over the cafe manager from Redpoint (Laura) who is charged with bringing the quality food, coffee and cake offering that she developed at Redpoint over to Freedog. With a day time crowd of young families using the soft play and an evening crowd of climbers they hope to breath new life and community vibes into the space. 


The final piece of the puzzle to truly integrate Redpoint, Flashpoint and Freedog is an afterschool program. The vision is that a child growing up in Bedminster now can join them over the next decade or more and turn into a confident, coordinated, strong and impressive young adult. 

With all this coming over the next 6 months, 2019 is looking like an exciting time to live in BS3! 

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