Covid Rules from 4th October 2021


Time Slots

It is always vital that you pre-book your session before you arrive. If we are fully booked we will not be able to “squeeze” you on as we have very strict capacity limits and “monitor to participant” ratios. Booking online is easy and, if you book with 24hrs notice, you get a little discount. 

Busy Times

There are no legal capacity limits any more. But some of you may still prefer quieter sessions. We tend to be busiest in the middle of the day on weekends, so consider if you can come to one of the later sessions instead. We also have some weekday after school sessions that have a much lower capacity. 


We will not be enforcing mask-wearing in our centres.*

If you choose to wear a mask we appreciate it!

If you choose not to, that’s OK too.

Our staff will be wearing masks while walking around the building, but may be maskless when behind the reception screens.

* We ask that you wear a mask if you are going close to one of our staff (such as during a briefing).

Social Distancing

There are no longer any laws around this, but some of our customers will still be anxious of strangers getting too close so please keep this in mind.


If you are displaying symptoms of Covid then please DO NOT come to the centre. If you are clearly unwell we will ask you to come back another time.